Hongzhan Technology Co., Ltd., established on 4 May 2005, registered capital: 10 million yuan, Hongzhan to the technology of environment simulation for their own business topics, attention to environmental and reliable test equipment and customized products and personalized services to manufacturing, research and development, is committed to provide customers with leading design, safety, environmental protection, energy saving, reliable quality of the environment and reliability test equipment products and industry solutions to help customers to create the greatest value.

    Hongzhan always adhere to the "sincerity oriented" business philosophy, set up "the understanding of customer needs, to produce reliable products to provide comprehensive services, beyond the expectations of customers" the quality policy, forge excellent quality, sophisticated technology and brand image. More than ten years of struggle and development, Hongzhan development of Science and technology has become domestic environment and the reliability of the industry's flagship and well-known brand. Company in 2013 by the state-level high-tech enterprises identified, in China, Hongzhan environmental testing equipment have settled in all over the country, where there is a quality and reliable products, where there is the Hongzhan's equipment. Not only won the favor of Lenovo, Alcatel, general motors, Volkswagen, Alstom, Schneider, Siemens, and other many world famous enterprises, more access to the Ministry of industry and information technology, China Institute of metrology, China Aerospace Science and industry group, China Academy of Engineering Physics, China Southern Power Grid, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, National University of defense technology, Harbin Industrial University, national defense and military industry enterprises and scientific research institutes of highly positive, for China's national defense aerospace industry made outstanding contributions, become the pride of China's national industry.

    Hongzhan has a professional engaged in environmental testing equipment research and development of scientific research institutions, have a mature development method and environmental test laboratory, the industry gathered a group of outstanding talents and well-known experts, strong R & D team led domestic environmental test technology development. At present, the high and low temperature test chamber, the company has independent intellectual the property of high and low temperature test chamber, rapid change of temperature test chamber, thermal shock test chamber, three comprehensive test box, high and low temperature low pressure, solar radiation test box, Industrial Ovens and Walk-In high and low temperature test room and high wind rain test chamber climatic environmental testing equipment and customized products in the domestic leading, the international high level.

    Hongzhan with the same industry leading design means, reasonable and efficient process layout, advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality assurance system, flexible CNC machining production line using SolidWorks, CATIA software and Germany TruPunch TRUMPF, the ring test product development to provide a reliable quality assurance.

    Facing the future, all Hongzhan mind "a long last" dream, inherit and carry forward the "dedication, scrambling, innovation, pragmatism" of the spirit, adhere to the customers for the sustainable development of their own contribution to the technology, products, and wisdom, so that modern, efficient, environmental protection, digital Hongzhan company with you, a total of innovation journey!